Inspirações do dia - Unhas #1 ♥

Mulherada,hoje o post será de uma super inspiração.. unhas com vários estilos que podem inspirar vocês tanto no dia à dia quanto para baladas! Escolham a sua preferida incrementem,inovem,mudem (...)


Metametics Frost Giant
“Inspired by Norse mythology, Frost Giant is a blue-tinted base with a slight pink highlight, filled with icy blue glitter.” The pink shift is more noticeable over dark polishes, but it can still be seen over lighter colored polishes as well. When I first saw the bottle I thought it was going to be a blue jelly with blue glitter, but to my surprise it was a clear base packed with micro glitter! Pictured is two coat over white and black. My ring and pinky fingers are topped with Essie Matte About You, which I think gave it a really cool look! Application was great and I didn’t have any problems with the glitter.
Frost Giant can be purchased here. If you have any questions regarding her polish you can find Metametics on Facebook, Tumblr, and of course Etsy. 
This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


What’s Black & White and Striped all over?


pink x cherries


Care Bears nail art on an NYX polish base


libs’ nails by laura (vamp-up-varnish)

Para que o post não se torne imenso,vou fazê-lo em duas partes,ok? Fique atualizada aqui no Rosa e não perca nenhum post! E aí,gostaram dessas inspirações? beijinhos!

Fonte/Imagens: Google/Reprodução
fuckyeahprettynails & NailNerds!

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